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Metro Sliders Example


  • Metro stlyle look
  • Clickable images
  • Adjustable image sizes.
  • Two web parts. One or four sliders inside each.
  • Asynchronous load using REST (ListData.svc) does not slow down the page.
  • It's a farm solution, not sand-boxed.

New Features

I've recently added these new features:

  • Creating image library on feature activation
  • Adding default images to the image library on feature activation
  • English version

Warning. Supported Languages

At the moment, these two web parts work only with sites on en-us locale. This is due to the SharePoint REST peculiarities. REST accepts and returns data differently depending on the current language.


I express my gratidue to Alen Grakalic from Css Globe for the "Easy Slider 17 Numeric Navigation jQuery Slider". I have taken advantage of your jQuery library in the current project.

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